How to Plan a Wedding? NYN EVENTS is here to guide you!

Updated: Nov 17

NYN EVENTS will walk you down the aisle with fantastic wedding tips

When is your wedding date?

  1. Get organized

  2. Set up a timeline

  3. What season would you like to be married? This can also assist you with the theme of your wedding.

What type of Wedding do you want?

Micro-wedding, Wedding or Hybrid Wedding

  1. 50 guests or less is a micro-wedding

  2. In-person or Hybrid wedding style

What is your wedding budget?

  1. How much do you want to spend on your wedding?

  2. Who is going to provide monetary contribution towards the wedding?

  3. Create a budget for your wedding.

Chose your Wedding Party

  1. Who will be in your wedding party?

  2. Your wedding party selection family & friends.

  3. Those that you select in your wedding party do have responsibilities.

Why hire a " Wedding Planner" ?

  1. Specializing in stress free of planning of the wedding?

  2. Wedding Planner is a expert in the planning and design process.

  3. Wedding Planner is your bestie of the event production process.

What type of Wedding Planner do you want?

  1. Hourly rate " Wedding Planner"

  2. Full- Service Wedding Planner"

  3. Day of "Wedding Planner"

Selecting Wedding locations & vendors

  1. NYN EVENTS "Wedding Planners" specialize in locations & vendors

  2. NYN EVENTS negotiates the contracts and assist you.

  3. NYN EVENTS schedules all your appointments.

  4. NYN EVENTS manages your events keeping you organized.

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